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● The contents of the manual are subject to change without prior notice due to product specification changes, etc. Note that the contents of the manual published on this website may be different from those of the manual included with the product you purchased, or those of the manuals included with products currently being sold in the market.

● Safety cautions such as those marked “Caution” are based on the legal standards or industrial standards as of the manual's preparation date, and thus may be out of date. When using an older manual, refer to the latest safety cautions in the manuals included with products currently being sold in the market.

● Non-manual printed documents, such as safety cautions or errata, may be included with the product in order to complement the manual. Note that some of these are not available on this website.

● Manuals published on this website are only for products which we have offered for sale and for which the relevant data is available. If the corresponding manual for your product cannot be found on this website, request it from your local sales office.

● The manual contains scanned material. Therefore, there may be ink bleed or blurs due to stains or scanning errors.

● Some of the products whose manuals are published on this website may no longer be available for purchase due to production stoppages, etc.

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