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Results from vibration with long projection tool
Poor Surface FinishOut of ToleranceShorter Tool Life

Chatter suppressing mechanism

An incorporated unique damper that functions as both a counter damper and friction damper.
Patent-pending counter weight maximizes effect of the friction damper. Chatter is absorbed effectively and higher machining accuracy is achieved.

CK Boring Series with Built-In Damper
High-efficiency deep hole finish boring is availableboring is available

Boring head with a built-in damper.
The EWN Boring Head functions re maintained, featuring integrated damper.

Highly reliable scale plate
With vernier scale enabling 1-micron

Boring head with a built-in damper.
Damper located closer to the cutting edge provides greater damping effect.

CK Shank Type

A damper is built into
the CK Shank. L/D = 6x

CK Extension Type

Just combine it with your standard CK Boring Head / CK Shank to achieve damping countermeasures.

FACE MILL ARBOR TYPE FMH with Built-in Damper

Basic holders of different lengths can be used with one damperhead (for BBT/HSK Shank in common).

Internal Turning Tool with Built-in Damper BORING BAR
Eliminates chatter in internal turning

The heaviest damper in the series of smart dampers instantly absorbs chatter in both roughing and finishing operations.

Cartridges can be exchanged according to the application (ISO insert).

CC1204, TC1102, TP1604, DC11T3