Clamping diameter


The Hydraulic Chuck supports high-precision drilling and reaming on CNC automatic lathes.

■Easy to attach and remove with one wrench

Easy to change tools even inside a machine with limited space, using a single wrench.

■Internal structure with increased accuracy and rigidity

We applied the hydraulic chuck technologies developed in the NC tooling field to research and design a lathe chuck from the ground up. In addition to being accurate and sturdy, it has a slim shape that helps prevent interference with neighboring tools.

■Attachment/removal repeatability ±1μm

Extremely stable with a reproducibility of ±1μm or less at 4D, even when repeatedly exchanging tools. The collision point of the clamping screw is at the tightening completion area, eliminating the need to manage this using tightening torque.

■No change in tool length

There is no difference in tool projection length before and after tightening the clamping screw, making it easy to match the target projection length on the machine.