Milling Chuck


Clamping diameter

φ12 - φ50.8

Highly rigid Milling chuck for resistance against chatter. The BIG original slit mechanism supports high power and high-precision endmilling from heavy cuts to fine cuts.

■Reliable slit design ensures high accuracy

A unique BIG slit shape is adopted to achieve both the essential runout accuracy and gripping force which are the key elements of a milling chuck. Stable clamping is possible due to sufficient elastic deformation and the ability to remove oil film from the tool shank.

■The Milling Chuck is also ideal as a basic holder

Allows the reliable use of straight collets as well as boring bars, arbors such as face milling cutters. Also optimal as a basic holder.

■HMC12J Type Clamping diameter: ø12

Slimmer nut diameter of ø32 reduces interference.
Peripheral coolant supply to cutting edge.