For Aluminum & Cast Iron

SPEED Finisher

Cutter diameter

φ50, φ63, φ80, φ100, φ125, φ160

Simple and easy adjusting mechanism aids quick and precise height adjustment of each cutting edge within 1_m. Amazing improvement of surface finish at high at speed cutting!! Aluminum die casting ADC12 Rz=0.55μm
Gray cast iron FC250 Rz=0.67μm

■Speedily adjusts the cutting edge height

It has a simple and highly operable mechanism in which the cutting edge height is adjusted after clamping the insert by turning the lifting nut from the side, then directly pushing up the insert with the lifting screw.

■Adjustable in μm increments.
Exclusive presetter

Exclusive PL Presetter shortens the setup time further up to 15 sec./insert while avoiding chipping of the cutting edge.

■Combines light weight and high rigidity

The slim body allows increased rigidity and reduced vibration and deflection. Therefore, height difference of the machined surface is minimized.
Also, as it is lighter than other cutters, it can be safely used with a small #30 taper machining center.