Clamping diameter

φ3 - φ42

For versatile high-precision machining including molds and automotive components. This high-precision hydraulic chuck holder allows for easy tool attachment/removal using a single wrench.

■Internal structure with increased accuracy and rigidity

The integrated structure of the body and clamp sleeve gives greater rigidity and achieves better accuracy compared to the traditional two-part construction sealed with O-rings. 2-point tightening with dual hydraulic chambers and a short overhang area where the tool is not clamped give improved runout accuracy.

■Runout accuracy within 3μm

High precision runout accuracy within 3μm at 4D. High runout accuracy improves the workpiece surface finish and extends tool life.

■A full lineup of products to handle a diverse array of machining applications

Enhanced lineup of a range of clamping diameters and length variations.