Collet Chuck


Clamping diameter

φ0.25 - φ20

High-precision collet chuck system with an accuracy of 1 micron at nose. The perfect tool to use in drilling, endmilling, reaming and tapping.

■High-precision collet equal to the sub-micron level

The New Baby Chuck collet uses knowledge cultivated through years of experience to produce the world's highest precision collet program.
Multi-purpose collet chuck system is well accepted and recognized by the market for its guaranteed 1-micron runout at the collet nose.

■New Baby Nut ensures high accuracy

The double effect of precision threads finished after heat treatment and the smooth tightening of the thrust balls without torsion on the collet achieves stable high-precision collet tightening. Furthermore, the mechanism acts to prevent the thrust ball from jumping out due to centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation, promising stable machining.

■Coolant method to suit the application

A coolant nut with oil sealing functionality.
Removing the internal PS Ring allows jet-through coolant supply.